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Strain Review: Dark Tears by Life Is Not Grape

Dark Tears 🖤💧
From: Life Is Not Grape

Lineage/Genetics🧬: N/A

Grower: Life Is Not Grape

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dark Tears Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Erik’s Score: 8.5

dark tears by life is not grape strain review by eriksreviews

Aroma: The aroma was reminding me of some sort of kush mint cross because I was getting hints of a dark menthol nose with a heavy minty overlay that was similar to a liquid cough medicine. My favorite part was smelling my grinder after as the nose really popped out when broken down. Definitely a unique profile that I’ve never smelt before.

Flavor: The flavor is a very nice kush forward pallet with a gassy overlay that can carry some of that mint flavor in the background if you look for it. But overall mostly a kushy and gassy taste.

Effect: I enjoyed the high as it had me relaxed and wanting to wind down. I feel like it’s a good strain to smoke during sunset hours because it has waves of creativity and euphoria, but still heavy enough to have your body a little sedated to get you ready for sleep later on. Although, I wouldn’t rely on it for a nightcap if you really need sleep aid, as the potency is not that crazy. I would put strength at 81%.

Summary: Overall I enjoyed the Dark Tears unique terps and it has me curious to figure out what the genetics are. The taste didn’t blow me away, as it wasn’t complex, but I still enjoyed it and it wasn’t harsh. The buzz was nice and was giving me Indica hybrid vibes as it relaxed me and calmed me down, but still had some nice euphoric effects. Fun fact is that I heard he called it dark tears because the Pheno hunt was extremely hard.

dark tears by life is not grape strain review by eriksreviews 2
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