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Strain Review: Tartar Sauce by Teds Budz

Tartar Sauce🌊

Grower👨🏽‍🌾: Ted’s Budz

Lineage/Genetics🧬: Platinum Zkittlez x Tuna Belly

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Tartar Sauce Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Erik’s Score: 8.2/10

tartar sauce by teds budz strain review by eriksreviews

Aromas: Right when I opened the bag I was getting a nose that smelled like ocean air. There’s a sweet fishy profile that has a little bit of some funkiness, I think the sweet fish candy is coming from the Zkittlez lineage and then the funky sweet cookie from the tuna belly. After throwing it through the grinder you get the same aromas but there’s also this super fresh green nose that pops as well.

Flavors: For the flavor it’s similar to the aroma with ocean flavors that definitely has some gas and kush notes. Flavor wasn’t blowing me away but I would smoke again to try that unique ocean fishy taste

Effects: The tartar sauce had a nice high that was leaning on the heavier side but not as heavy as it was marketed which was a bummer. I definitely felt heavy eyelid pressure and a little bit of sedation, when I went to dinner high off it I was still able to converse pretty well without fogging out. It’s a decently strong high that you can feel throughout your whole body and head with a pretty noticeable buzz. I wouldn’t say it’s a focused high and definitely not stimulating, but more relaxing and hazy. This strain will have you at its strongest high for about an hour, and then the second hour is a nice down that you could relax/fall asleep on. Helped with my anxiety, calmed me down, and increased my positivity.

Summary: This was my second time trying tartar sauce and if I’m being honest the first batch I had was a bit better. This was good but I felt like the effects were little less potent than I remember. But this is Ted’s Budz so does not mean it still isn’t gas. When I say affects weren’t as potent, I review top of the top flower so everything is technically very potent. In my opinion I don’t think the genetics popped out enough in this batch, causing all three categories to drop a little bit. I did enjoy the unique fishy ocean smell ahead. I gave this one to B- because it was solid but not as fire as I remember it being. Cheers💨

tartar sauce by teds budz strain review by eriksreviews 2
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