Strain Review: Ceviche by Deep in the Bag

Ceviche strain 🐡🐠

Lineage/Genetics: [Genetics Unknown]

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Deep in the Bag

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Ceviche Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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Cultivated by @deepinthebag.official

It may have a strange title, but Ceviche ain’t no tiny fish. Taste wise, love this shit man. There’s these dope hints of Linalool and Limonene you can catch in the mix off the bat in the feeling, with flavors coming in that are smooth like the taste of vanilla, but also a sweet citrus in the exhale. I found myself rolling it up often; After reviews are done and I’ve been smoking on the same flavors for a bit, I’ll do what every other schmuck does and start mixing them to find different flavor profiles, but not with this one.

The smoke is a smooth one that will ride itself out for a nice lingering high. I felt a burst of THC in the first few hits, and it’s a bit uplifting before it drifts into a smooth calming ride. Perfect for indoor sessions in my opinion, and definitely a chill and non-productive high.

This is some #dope for real, and it’s getting a 7/10 from me to the real bag dweller.

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