Strain Review: Manny Candy by Handy Manny Za x Shopping Carts

Manny Candy 🍭

Lineage/Genetics: [Genetics Unknown]

Original Breeder: Handy Manny Za

Grower: Handy Manny Za x Shopping Carts

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Manny Candy Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Powered By: @handymannyza
Cultivated by @handymannyza X @shoppingcarts.california

👺Let’s get into an unexpected one. This is a grow that is presented by MannyZa, and has fast made a new wave for itself in flower. As a part of the ShoppingCarts gang, you’d assume you would know what to expect: Smooth hit, fruity and earthy terps, and if it was anything like their Haupia line up, the subtle sweet of cocoanuts. In this case tho, you’d be wrong in a good way! Manny Candy delivers those candy-like terps, a small hint of papaya, a slight gelato-ish depth in the backend along with some funk. Almost like a tart finish, but blended together gives a gradually elevating experience.

When it comes to the overall high, this one gives indica-domino and vibes with an ending CBG add on that gives you the munchies like hell. First few pulls come in and scorch your head with a mentally relaxing buzz as if you’re walking through water, and a bit of relaxation follows within the body releasing any strain. That chest hit is nice, a bit dense which Is also nice for me; I like a good Myrcene level in my flowers. You get into a flow-space where you’re focused for all of a few minutes until it’s just all stimulation. This smoke is perfect for self-care stuff in my opinion. If you’re an indica smoker the M-Candy keeps you boosted enough to where you could work off of it, if you aren’t be careful of it during times that you need complete focus. Overall, this has been greatly appreciated. I’m glad to see people come up in the world, and in my personal opinion with a little extra footing M-Candy could come out with a small batch line up and kill it out here. Very dope work.

Yeah it’s some DOPE dope
7.5/10 from me 💯

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