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Strain Review: Cheesecake

Strain Saturday!!! Welcome everyone to Strain Saturdays where I’m going to review a new strain every Saturday. Come back next week to see what the next strain is also if you have any recommendations please DM me the strain and where to find it thank you and hopefully you will enjoy this 1 OZ Of CheeseCake!

Cheesecake Strain Review

Cheese cake is a indica dominant hybrid strain. It holds a THC content between 15%-23% there isn’t much information I could find on the parents of this strain other then one parent Cheese X. This strain really tastes like earth but then you get this overtaking smell and taste of cheese. The high lasts around 2-3 hours and leaves you social talkative but also leaves you with that couch potato relaxed and totally at ease with the world feeling. According to AllBud.com this strain helps relief from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and stress. It also states that this strain has dense green dusty buds, it could also have purple leaves with reddish amber trichomes. In my own opinion I think this strain was homegrown and I’m unsatisfied with the look of this bud. It looks loose and the bag I got did have seeds but I also went through and took out all the seeds I could. The high from this strain is exactly what AllBud.com expressed I was left feeling social but also felt like there was nothing else in the world but my couch. Hopefully once my outdoor grow season starts we will see the cheddar this year! 🔥🧀🎂🔥 #strain #strains #strainsaturday #strainoftheday #strainreview #strainspecific #strainhunters #weed #marijuana #cannabis #weedpics #weedstagram420 #weedcommunity #weednation #marijuanagram #marijuanacommunity #marijuanamodels #cannabiscommunity #cannabisculture #stoner #stonernation #stonerdays #review #reviews #weedreviews #weedreview
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Check out more of my reviews @octpuffs on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/octpuffs)

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