CBD Strain Review: Bubba Kush Hemp Flower by Texas Hemp Culture

🔥 Bubba Kush by @texashempculture_official 🔥

Grower: Texas Hemp Culture

Bubba Kush Hemp Flower Review

bubba kush hemp flower from texas hemp culture cbd strain review by consciouscloudscbdSmoking on some of the best bubba kush hemp flower around right now! I got a terrible headache and I’m trying just about anything to get rid of it. Fingers crossed this helps! The flower comes from @texashempculture_official and it is a flavor powerhouse! Tastes just like bubba and has the same bud structure! If you haven’t checked out @texashempculture_official before do yourself a favor and grab yourself some of this flower and while your at it don’t miss out on the blue cheese, it’s my favorite strain of 2019 and so far this year as well! 😁✌️🌲

Another wonderful strain from down south! This is the Bubba Kush and it is true to its name! The bud structure is a spitting image to the pre98 I used to grow back in the day! It is frosted and well cured, and has dense sticky round nugs that are great to break down! The smell is really earthy and piney with a bit of coffee on the tail and absolutely no sweetness! It tastes just like it smells too which is great, it’s so kushy! The smoke is crazy expansive and every hit feels huge in your lungs! It’s up there in cbd content at 19.49% and the effects are strong! Very sedating and relaxing with the after effect of some crazy munchies, I made a second dinner after enjoying this last night! I give this flower a 8 out of 10 and is definitely the best hemp kush I have tasted to date! Check out the bubba kush by @texashempculture_official if you’re a fan of Bubba! 😁✌️🔥
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