Strain Review: Crescendo by Loud Pack

Crescendo by Loud Pack 🎼 Review *latepost

Lineage/Genetics: Chem Dawg x I-95 x Mandarin Cookies

Original Breeder: Ethos Genetics

Grower: Loud Pack

Loud Pack Crescendo Strain Review

Premium Hybrid Cannabis Flower
23.04% THC
0.04% CBD
@ko_smokez fingers 😂
🎶An Earthy citrus Flavor with a sweet overtone as described on the box. The flavor leans towards an earthy base with sweet citrus mixed in.
🔥The high is amazing. It starts off as mild buzz before turning into a full blown, ever increasing, uplifting and euphioric mind & body high. Expect an increase in your mood and creativity.
🎼Big chunky forest green nugs with peppery orange pistils and amber tintws trichomes that add rusty look to the lush deep green leaves.

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