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Strain Review: Wedding Cake by Loud Pack

Wedding Cake🎂 Review Lineage/Genetics: Triangle Kush x Animal Mints Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: Loud Pack

Loud Pack Wedding Cake Strain Review

Premium Hybrid Cannabis Flower . 25.02% THC 0.047% CBD . @sfproven @loudpack . 🔔Sweet vanilla and earthy as described on the package. Earthy sweet aroma as you break down with consistent vanilla tone. The flavor is sweet earth with a deep vanilla note. . 🎂Dense Log shaped nugs with hues ranging from fern green to a light yellowish green. Amber orange pistils invade the greens from inside out with a nice layer trichomes of giving the nugs a hairy lush glow. . 🔥Expect a strong body high. Your limbs heavily relax as your mind calms and brings you to a euphoric and increasingly dreamy state. Before you know it youll be looking fot somewhere to lay down and stretch out. Just before you fall into an deep slumber the munchies will hit putting you into a feeding frenzy. A nice relaxing strain great for night time use. Helps with stress insomnia and appetite. . My first time using @sfproven deivery service. My high ass didnt realize they were based in SF but the delivery was punctual and the customer service line and the driver was top notch.💯
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