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Strain Review: Oreo Cookie by Bobby Mac’s Personals

The Oreo Cookie Strain🔲 Lineage/Genetics: (Sunset Sherbert ❎ Cookies & Cream)? Original Breeder: Unknown Grower: Bobby Mac’s Personals

Oreo Cookie Strain Review

. @bobbymacspersonals . 🍪Vibrant green nugs encrusted with diamond like trichomes and bold thick orange pistils. . 🔲As you break it down the flower is sticky while sugary trichomes fall off the leaves. There’s a healthy snap/crunch as you break down the big yet kushy nugs. . 🍪Mind and body buzzing effects that first send you to a stoney and spacey zone. Quickly youll notice a slight decrease in your motor skills inducing the kind of high that makes it difficult to finish a sentence or where you end up losing the review because you put it in the fridge while grabbin a drink😂. As you get more comfortable, your senses get stronger and bcreativity kicks in , giving some spontaneous ideas. Great for anytime especially when you want that indica high without the drag and crash.
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