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Edible Review: Blueberry Muffin by Bobby Mac’s Personals

Blueberry Muffin 🧁 Review Brand: Bobby Mac’s Personals

Bobby Mac Blueberry Muffin Review

. 100 mg THC Shared half with @ko_smokez @bobbymacspersonals @westcoastsmokeshow @sjweedreview . 🧁The muffins are made with real blue berry and have a nice sugar crust on top. . 🔥Smells great strong sweet, buttery blueberry notes . . 🤤Tastes amazing , at first theres no thc flavor, the blueberry masks it well but as your mouth breaks it down youll start getting strong tastes of thc, but not too strong that it ruins the flavor. Just enough to remind you its an edible. Some bites are more potent than others ,i think the pieces with actual blue berry absorb alot of thc. . 🧁Super soft and fluffy i should’ve warned it up for a few seconds and ate it with ice cream. . 🔥Strong potent high, about 30 min to activate. You’ll get an uplifting feeling start in you body at your feet as it slowly rises , relaxing your body limb by limb until you feel you head start to feel like an balloon from the air head commercials. Your mind will feel lifted as if your head is trying to float off your shoulders to cloud 9 , it can’t though which kind of reinforces a heaviness that gradually takes over leaving you feeling stuck like your frozen in time.
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