Strain Review: Gelato Punch by Bobby Mac

Gelato Punch 🍨🧃 Review

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 41Purple Punch

Original Breeder: Elev8 Seeds

Grower: Bobby Mac

Gelato Punch Strain Review

Really beautiful flower to just gaze at as much as it is to smoke, look at the 2nd video🔥
Big, green, kushy, buds with bold orange clusters of long pistils and a sticky, frosty looking coat of trichomes
Pungent jolly rancher aroma. The purple punch’s sweet fruity notes dominate the more creamy gelato aromas.
Tastes like a fruity pastry, like a strawberry cake. The inhale has pungent, fruity Purple Punch overtones with a creamy deep but present gelato undertone .
Mind calming and body relaxing high, great for after work and winding down after a generally long day. Youll find yourself immediately in a more tranquil state of being. From the first hit your mind slowly shifts to a hazey and spacey gear making it easy to get lost in thought or whatever you find yourself stumbling into.

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