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Strain Review: Fritter OG by West Coast Cure

Fritter OG 🍎🌲Review Lineage/Genetics: Apple FritterTahoe OG Original Breeder: West Coast Cure Grower: West Coast Cure Dispensary: DELI By Caliva

Fritter OG Strain Review

Top Shelf Indoor Indica CUREFlower Nitro-sealed . 20.6% THC 24.6% Total Cannabinoids . @delibycaliva @westcoastcure_ @westcoast.cure @westcoastsmokeshow @sjweedreview . A pungent gritty mix of sweet crisp apple and earthy fuel notes. The aroma is fruity and tangy with heavy sharp gas and earth notes intermingled. The aroma is significantly stronger as u break it down. . Colorfully blended lime green and purple chunky nugs with thin orange pistils that seemingly get lost in the deep vibrant colors nugs. Super, sticky trichomes give a frosty gloss and gritty texture to the moist flower. . Fruit , menthol, earth, gas flavors all combine for a super thick flavorful and heavy smoke. A Smooth but sharp and crisp, earthy apple Flavor with a consistent menthol finish. . A really intense high which was expected from its legendary lineage. Immediate indica effects you feel in your body with a piercing euphoric stimulation that cuts through any stress and bad vibes.
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