Strain Review: Banana OG by Private Reserve

Banana OG (Private Reserve)🍌🌴Review
Indica Premium Flower

Lineage/Genetics: OG Kush x Banana Kush

Original Breeder: OrgnKid

Grower: Private Reserve

Distribution: Couch Lock Distro

Dispensary: CA Collective

Private Reserve Banana OG Strain Review

banana og by private reserve strain review by 2.
30.96% Total THC
0.07% Total CBD
36.93% Total Cannabinoids
Harv~10.30.20 Pack~2.17.21
@couchlockdistro @pacificorganicsandwellness
@cacollectivesj @sjweedreview @ko_smokez @westcoastsmokeshow @soufsidetitus 🎶🎶
– Big, chunky, sticky, clean tapered, dense nugs with tightly packed leaves.
– Faded light green, tinted ripe yellow by a sticky coat of Trichomes. Amber pistils with the yellow tint that add a rusty essence to the nugs

– Ripe/overripe banana peels, Christmas pine, danky, earth notes
– Deep hints of grassy citrus

– Ripe banana and danky kush notes up front with an earthy pine backend and creamy tropical citrus hints

– hard hitting, potent,healing high that starts with a mellow, euphoric, body and mind buzzing sensation that urges you to sit down and relax. helps with stress, aches, pains, inflammation, insomnia, depression, appetite and fatigue

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