Drinkable Review: Strawberry Lemonade by Mr.Trippy’s Edibles

Strawberry Lemonade 🍓🍋 Review

Brand: Mr.Trippy’s Edibles

Mr.Trippy’s Strawberry Lemonade Drinkable Review

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300 mg THC
🍓Has a taste similar too but waay better than the freckled lemonades from Red Robins or the strawberry lemonade Calypso bottles. No THC flavor.
🍋Sweet, sour and tangy, the fruity flavors kind of dance on your tongue.
🔥The high took about 15 – 30 min to kick in. Gradually your body relaxes and your mood quickly enhances given you a nice upbeat boost in energy. It takes a few hours but the crash isnt too bad, youll get a crazy case of the munchie, oh yeah and your body never stops relaxing. You’ll be pulled into a nice power nap sooner or later.

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Check out more reviews by @sjweed.review on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/sjweed.review)

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Check out more reviews by @sjweed.review on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/sjweed.review)

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