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Drinkable Review: Strawberry Horchata by Mr.Trippys Edibles

Strawberry Horchata 🍓🥛🇲🇽Review . 300mg thc per bottle Brand: Mr. Trippy’s Edibles

Mr. Trippy’s Edibles Strawberry Horchata Review

-I drank half and shared half with @ko_smokez . @mr.trippy80 made by @scrumptious_juices – I was lucky and got to be one of the first people to try this new flavor 💯💯💯🤙🏿 . 🍓Strawberry / Apple Pie Horchata flavor -sweet, cinnamon, creamy, NO THC FLAVOR /Aroma, Strawberry horchata smoothie vibes -wait about 30 min after drinking for full activation. . 🥛At first youll start to feel relaxed, ambitious and cheerful. As pains and aches seemigly disappear, youll notice your body feel lighter but any movement of your limbs feel like an hour at planet fitness( i credit that gravity feeling due to the fact that I drank it on an empty stomach and smoked after 😂) .. Shortly after i ate and my high changed to a mind calming and sedating sensation, at this point your ambition turns into a giggly boost of sociability helping you enjoy your space with others more and overall contributing to a optimistic, fun and light hearted mood. The crash is pretty sudden and hits like a train, about 3-4 hours after consuming I slept for a solid 1-2 hours before picking up @ko_smokez from work… when I awoke I felt refreshed and was ready to tackle another day even though didnt sleep for long. I reccommend drinking ice cold🥶 . 💯Effects💯 Relaxation, Ambition, cheerful, pain/ache relief, stress relief, sedation, helps with insomnia and depression, appetite inducer, mood enhancement.
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