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Strain Review: Moonana Wreck by Fig Farms

Moonana Wreck 🌙🍌🚂Review (*cannabis cup award winning BANANA FIG (purple fig x banana split) ❎ MOON DROPS 103 # 1 (Purple Urkle x Dosido) Hybrid California Cannabis Lineage/Genetics: Banana Fig x Moon Drops 103 #1 Original Breeder: Fig Farms Grower: Fig Farms Dispensary: Haze Dispensary

Moonana Wreck Strain Review

. 30.45% Total THC 35.54% Total Cannabinoids Harvest 12.10.20 Packaged 1.20.21 . @fig.farms @haze408 @haze420sj @mickjenkins – Percy🎼 . 🌔Background on Moonana Wreck🌜 -Breeders @fig.farms we’re aiming for a grapey gasoline type of flavor but ended up with a train wreck flavor, which is why wreck was added to the name although it doesn’t actually have Trainwreck genes. . 🚂Fresh & clean, lemon, pine, spice Trainwreck aroma and flavor with hints of floral notes and sweet mouthwatering ripe banana. The wreck flavor is consistent and dominant during the inhale and exhale. . 🍌Big fat fluffy oversized flowers , shining with sandy white trichomes that create super gluey nugs. Green leaves with deep purple undertones and vivid amber orange hairs. Breaks down well and full, not into sand. . 👨🏿‍🚀A fast acting, strong, relaxing, uplifting and eurphoric high that positively stimulates your mind helping erase any negativity that may be invading your space; overall creating a sense of bliss and relief that washes through your whole body . As the high continues you can expect creative and outgoing ideas to surface, the stimulating experience is great for anytime but when you have time to relax and dive into your hobbies is when you’ll really get the most out of the flower. 💯 Whether that’s hopping on PSN/XboxLive with the homies or smoking a chop at the park or maybe sitting back listening to your favorite song or finding something new to try, either way you’ll find pure bliss , flow and even some focus with whatever you jump into. I recommend not doing anything to physically taxing because your even though youll feel uplifted your body will be in the process of sedation that will eventually have you drifting off into comfy space.
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