Strain Review: Cherry Chucks by Backpack Boyz

Cherry chucks by backpack boyz

Lineage/Genetics: Lemon Cherry Gelato x Black Cherry Gelato

Breeder/Grower: Backpack Boyz

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Chucks Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Man was I excited for this one when I heard the genetics. Lemon cherry gelato x black cherry gelato. How could that miss?
Smell: 8/10 this smell is not bad in any way shape or form. It just isn’t as strong as you would expect. It’s more of a creamy cherry smell. Rather then real sharp like other strains. Very fresh smelling. Just not the loudest.

Look: 9.5/10 this is where this baby shines. Both bags were one giant bud and a couple smalls.You can really see the two strains crossing together in the strain. I would definitely say the black cherry dominates this strain but u do see the lcg some in the looks. With the bright green and powdery looking trichs. Everything else screams bcg. Big super dense buds. Dark purple almost black hues through out the bud. Inside the bud looks like it has glitter covering it. They really killed it with the bag appeal.

Smoke: 9/10 if you want some powerful bud go and get this. It will put you out like a light. Very strong heavy smoke. U will be coughing. Crazy white ash. Slight cherry taste but not super strong. The strength of this makes it hard to not recommend.

Overall: 9/10 this was some really good bud. Super fresh and super strong. Really nice to look at too. I will say the terps weren’t as strong as I expected as far as both the smell and taste. But the strength and burn more then made up for it. Highly highly recommend. These guys are killing it rn

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Check out more reviews by @onlypressure93 on Instagram! (

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