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Strain Review: Cherry Mints by Happy Daddy Products

Cherry Mints by @happydaddyproducts bred by @seedjunkycrew 🍒 Lineage/Genetics: (Cherry AK-47 x Kush Mints #11) Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics Grower: Happy Daddy Products Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cherry Mints Strain Review

The bag appeal on Cherry Mints is impressive. The dense nugs are mostly white and orange from an avalanche worth of trichromes and wild pistil hairs. Forest green leafage can be seen under the trichromes, and there’s also dark purple, almost black, coloration towards the top of each nug. The coloration washes out to more neon green and pink hues towards the bottom of the nugs. 😍 The nose on Cherry Mints is quite pleasant. The smell is significantly piney with woody and earthy notes. There also a soft, sweet layer of cherry terpenes in there that rounds out the scent. The strain also has some subtle menthol that combines with the earthy side of the profile to create a musky but refreshingly sweet aroma. Breaking open a nug releases sweet pine terps as well as sour kushy notes. I would describe the profile as old school but still fresh.🌲 The taste on Cherry Mints is surprisingly muted compared to the scent. The pine terps are the primary driver of the flavor, but the sweet cherry terps also envelop the profile, creating a nice combination of piney, sweet, and fruity. There’s also a subtle layer of sour kushy terps that became more prominent as the joints burned down. Overall it’s a pretty muted but pleasant flavoring 🤤 The high on Cherry Mints is nice and sedating. At first it seems like a moderate, balanced high that maybe leans a little closer to body than head, but the more I smoked, the more it put me in the couch. It left a nice fuzzy feeling around my body that I enjoyed. The strain burned perfectly and was a smooth and pleasant smoke all the way down. The strain produced moderate kief when grinding. 🔥 All in all, this strain is very solid. It’s a nice combination of old school and new school. The strain is eye-catching and kicks you in the face when you smoke it, while also maintaining a classic taste and smooth flavor profile. This is the second strain I’ve tried from @happydaddyproducts (the first being the Captain Couch) and I would definitely be interested in trying more! Picked up from @happydaddyproducts s/o Ken and @evanhd17 🍃 #pdx #legal #oregon
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Check out more reviews by @pnw_chronic on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/pnw_chronic)

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