Strain Review: Strudle from The Cali Club Tenerife

STRUDLE – Animal Mints x Gelati – By

Lineage/Genetics: Animal Mints x Gelatti

Original Breeder: THE TENco

Grower: THE TENco

Dispensary: The Cali Club Tenerife

The Cali Club Tenerife Strudle Strain Review

As soon as I open the bag the sweet and gassy aromas are reminding me instantly of super sweet and freshly baked, frosted pastry. This is a very interesting mix of gassy and sweet, spicy desert like flavours.

The buds are dense, compact and covered in a frosting of slightly sticky trichomes. Not to sticky though this ground up perfectly fluffy and burned well.

The smoke was thick and clean and the flavour profile was strong all the way through. Really sweet and spicy, fresh bakery terps blending perfectly with the gassiness left me with very pleasant tastes on my pallet and breath for quite some time afterwards.

The effects were very relaxing and sedative. Leaving me with a very lazy, super stoned kind of high. Definitely a must try for any flavour chaser or cannaseur.

Thanks to @thecaliclubtenerife for this rare delight! #laxpacks #thetenco #tenerife #420 #weed #canabishealth #weedlife #highsociety #cannabiscommunity #weedreviews #socialsmoker #keepitten #highgrade #highlife #wesmokedifferent

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Check out more reviews by @the_originalcannaseur on Instagram! (

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