Strain Review: City Lights (Critical Kush) by Edison Cannabis Co.

Got to try some beautiful City Lights strain (aka Critical Kush) as a pre-roll by @theedisonco (Edison Cannabis Co.)

City Lights Strain Review

city lights critical kush pre-roll by edison cannabis co review by thecoughingwalrusLove the calmness it brought as soon as I felt it in my lungs! This strain is great as a pre-roll.

This strain is the perfect bed time strain for me. While relaxing my brain it puts me into the “couch lock” mood. The perfect thing before bed. I sleep so well. It also conveniently comes in .5 prerolled joints so you don’t have to break the bank.

Thank you @fireandflowerco for always having reliable and amazing quality products.

Thank you @brockstcannabis for hooking me up!




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