Strain Review: Cold Stone by LA Traffic

Cold stone by la traffic

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 41 x Creamsicle #4

Breeder: Clearwater Genetics

Grower: LA Traffic

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Cold Stone Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Very excited for this one! I’ve only tried one strain from la traffic and it was FIRE FIRE. Haven’t heard much about this strain but hoping it’ll be another zinger. Idk the strain or anything about it so let’s pop this bad bitch open and see.

Smell:9/10 I was so happy when I cracked this open. REAL CANDY GAS! First thing I got hit with was overwhelming gas fumes with a sweet kick to it. Very creamy gelato terps that smelled like some straight ice cream. I fucking loved the smell of this. My mouth would water every whiff I took. I almost instantly knew what strain it was. The name cold stone kinda gave it away but almost positive it’s some ice cream cake. If that’s what it is then it’s some of the best ice cream cake I’ve ever smelled.

Look: 9/10 yooooo this shit fucking beautiful. Small nugs with crazy vibrant colors. Bright purple buds with very little dark green leaves and bright orange hairs. Some of the prettiest purple bud I’ve seen in a min. The buds looked wet they were so covered in trichs. From the outside to the middle this baby was shining. The buds didn’t look very dense but they were so sticky and dense that it was hard to break apart. This shit was meant for a magazine cover!

Smoke:9/10 I wasn’t expecting the taste to be as good as it was! Very sweet still but mostly taste straight gasoline and cream. Fluffy bone white ash that dropped like crazy. Super clean smoke. Very very strong head and body high that will have u nodding out like u jammed up on some blues. Perfect for a nice little midnight snack.

Overall:9.3/10 la traffic is here to stay. These guys are killing it with every strain. I never expected to like ice cream cake this much but they pushed this strain to its limits and showed what it can look like at its best. I was in aw over the look of it. Slobbering over the smell and knocked out from the smoke. Love how fresh their bud is every time too. These guys are really showing out and I feel like this is just the beginning. Highly recommend this strain and recommend trying anything you can from these guys!

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