Strain Review: Zlushie by LA Traffic

Zlushie strain from @latraffic__ @zlushiegang via @fritz_philly

Lineage/Genetics: (Ice Cream Cake x Grapefruit Zkittlez x Gelato 41)

Original Breeder: LA Traffic

Grower: LA Traffic

Dispensary: F.R.I.T.Z.

LA Traffic Zlushie Review

Excited to finally photograph/review the original Zlushie. The bag sporting a delightful looking summer treat contains nothing short of that. A nice sweet candy earthy sweetness from the grapefruit zkittlez on these buds is so pronounced it is crazy. In this particular batch, I notice the Zkittlez more than grapefruit from the GF Zkittlez, but there is still a bit of a bittersweet citrus tone to the scent as you exhale. There is also a nice doughy fuel to it from the ICC and #41. Having lots of the other Zlushie flavors, they all had unique different scents, but the Original is the most sweet in my opinion. The others as sweet as they are, lean toward a more floral body in smell, where OG Zlushie is sweet/cakey.

The smoke on the Zlushie tastes like what I envision when someone says they are “smoking flowers”. A sweet and earthy, savory flavor. Oddly enough, I taste more grapefruit than I smell. I also notice that ice cream cake with the sweet creaminess as you exhale. Out of all of the zlushie versions, I would have to say the original is the sweetest in flavor.

The Zlushie so far in every flavor has been very consistent. The buds are always nicely processed with a beautiful trim job, and are always perfectly cured. The buds feel like silky play doh that sort of molds itself in a blunt or joint. The effects of the Zlushie are always heavy hitting. It locks me to my chair and has me blasting music in a chuckly euphoric haze. This strain has definitely earned itself a spot in my regular rotation. When available, you can never go wrong with the Zlush

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Check out more reviews by @bigwhiteash on Instagram and also the bigwhiteash website! (

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