Strain Review: Limonata by Champelligrino

Limonata (Genetics Unknown) from @champelligrino, @champelli415 courtesy of @theanswerbrand_

Lineage/Genetics: Unknown

Original Breeder: Champelligrino

Grower: Champelligrino

Limonata Strain Review

I have been wanting to try something from Champelli for a little while now, and surprisingly enough the great people @theanswerbrand_ decided to hook me up with a bag. So a quick shout out to them, please go check them out! Opening the bag to these neat looking buds packs quite the punch. A musty lemon cleaning product like scent completely fills my nose, almost to the point of squinting. The more I sniff around, I smell a piney floralness, lemon peel essence, and another eventual sweet citrus that comes off as an artificial orange scent to me as I exhale.

The smoke on the Limonata was initially very sweet, the first few puffs were a citrusy earthiness that was rather addicting. About half way through my joint, the flavor began to transition into a fuelly motorbreath giving catastrophe. The thick resin ring is indicative of all the flavor I’m getting. The elements of sweetness never really left, they just became overpowered by the gas. Toward the end the flavor is really bold, but still tasty nonetheless.

For my first time checking out Champelli, I will say that I was pleased. The strain reminded me a lot of Gelonade, or other lemony-citrus strains that are rather popular nowadays, but it is done well in this case. These buds had a sharp trim job, along with a beautiful cure resulting in buds you can hear as they are cracked into. Not too sticky or dry, and practically rolled itself up. The effects of the Limonata were great. I felt a nice in the zone sort of head high along with a laggy body that didn’t really feel like moving. I felt very relaxed and clear headed. Although I was slumped, I was able to get lots of work done whenever I smoked the Limonata. Needless to say, Champelli will have to make it back onto the chopping block again because I am excited to see what else they can provide.
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