Strain Review: Cookies and Cream from Flowr of Lyfe

This beautiful, trichome-glazed boulder is called Cookies and Cream! I picked this powerhouse up at one of Eugene’s most beloved and unique dispensaries- Flowr of Lyfe.

Lineage/Genetics: Mystery CookiesStarfighter F2

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Dispensary: Flowr of Lyfe

Cookies and Cream Strain Review

As soon as I heard this strain was the Denver Cannabis Cup Winner of 2014, I knew I was in for a special treat! Originally crossed between the wildly popular Girl Scout Cookies and the relatively obscure Starfighter, this potent hybrid delivers a fast rush of creativity and happiness that will leave your entire body energized for hours!

When the budtender cracked open the jar, I was just astonished by the sheer density of #trichomes that completely coat these dazzling nugs. The #Terpenes emanating from this potent ganja is an unbelievably sweet and musky scent, accompanied by spicy and woody undertones that are heavily indicative of #Myrcene and #Caryophyllene. After you get over it’s initial burst of jubilation, you’re rewarded with an uplifting and energetic body high that’s ideal for engaging in physical activities or the creative arts. The smoke itself feels light and the flavor hardly diminishes as you burn through the last of your tasty bowl or joint.

#CookiesAndCream is simply one of the best uplifting hybrids around, and for good reason. Thanks again to the friendly and knowledgeable staff at @Flowr_Of_Lyfe!

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