Strain Review: Cove’s Rise by Cove Cannabis

🎈Cove’s Rise, aka Lime Green Cush, aka Green Crack.

Lineage/Genetics: Green Crack (1989 SSSC Skunk #1 x Afghani)

Original Breeder: Cecil C.

Grower: Cove

Cove’s Rise Strain Review

Opening the container you are met with the delectable aroma of key lime pie. On top the limonene and slight caryophylene combine to create a citrus note deeper than lemon, more like lime or even grapefruit. Underneath, and unique to Cove’s cut of Green Crack, is that doughey smell normally associated with cake strains. The nugs looked kind of ridiculous with one of the densest bud structures I have ever seen. While not the largest each was rock hard, beautifully trimmed, and plated with the trippiest layer of golden trichomes.

The ground up texture further shows just how dense the bud is, resembling tiny beach pebbles more than normal ground flower. The cake smell amplifies showing off some vanilla frosting notes. The sweetness dominates the inhale, however the exhale leaves an aftertaste exactly like fresh lime zest.

From the first puff you are catapulted in to the clouds. Sky high with a massive boost in energy, though low visibility and a dense fog cover debilitates any mental productivity. Think Sour OG or Chemdawg. Stony feelings cloud the mind but you feel a jolt and tingle throughout your body that demands getting up. Perfect for walking the dog, playing with the dog, swimming with the dog, and just being on his level. I felt every bit of his excitement, but just like him was a dumbass. Different from previous Green Crack cuts I have tried in that those were more mentally stimulating rather than stoney. The common cut would have probably resulted in better writing but a less fun day off with my best bud. The overall psychoactivity was strong and long lasting, easily keeping me toasty until the end of our hikes. It did make me particularly hungry, probably because I felt the THC so much, though the crash was still very minor and more of a couch lock just until I smoked more.

Cove’s cut of Green Crack is one that actually deserves a rename, adding their own spin to this classic. The nugs really have to be felt in person to be believed and have a flavour worthy of Kawartha’s. It would have been perfect for a full scale Pride parade but will also be perfect for hide ‘n seek and fetch. 🌄🤪🎈🆙🆙

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