Strain Review: Gasanova by CAM


Lineage/Genetics: Biscotti X Sherb Cake

Breeder/Grower: CAM

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gasanova Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review


This is one of my new faves from the cam vault, very impressive! Nice genetics grown very well! Big thanks to @camincali_ for making this review possible.

Aroma 94/100
Heavy biscotti crisp baked cookie terps, with light dough, nuts, coffee, chocolate. Behind that is a very sweet berry and vanilla ice cream, floral. Skunky freezer burnt gelatos, The sherbet has a heavy pine layer, and light lemon layer. Very Cookie Cakey Creamy. This brings ice cream gelato terps to a whole new level. Light hidden herbals, with a musky cream similar to a hidden cheese?

Appeal 93/100
3 nug eighth, Dense but leafy too! Structure is nice big round even nugs, partially open leafy structure, revealing many of the inner trichomes and there short stalks & big giant heads without even breaking the nug; providing the freshly salted and greasy look. But The outer trichomes have occasional ‘fuzzy’ coverage, made of thick clusters of stalks, but the outer trichs are mostly medium stalks w/ medium heads, resting on greens, light greens with yellow shading, darker purples, and the insides have neon light purple streaks.

Burn 93/100 Taste 92/100
Clean burn, very white ash with some very Rare pepper flakes, Some clear resin wetness, with a thin but dark terp ring riding very close to the ash line, fluctuating in size. DRYPULL was sweet florals, berry and vanilla ice cream, cookie. TASTE were heavy sherbet pine lemon gas on the inhale, and thick creamy berry vanilla burnt skunky ice cream gelato on the exhale.

Effects 93/100 potency 94/100
This one was great! Felt it in 5 puffs, & was fully baked by puff 8-9. Finishing the cone had duration of 3 hours, Very heavy relaxing indica vibes, calmed, eyes lowered, headband buzz. Deep Cloudy Stoney headchange, I was hungry instantly. Toasty af, ended sleepy. Indica Body buzz was good strength, But this one was mostly in your face eyes and head!

Overall 93.25/100
Super solid strain! Great appeal, love the partially open structure. Leafy and dense. Great ice cream terps, long lasting heavy indica effects. Good meds for pain and sleep.

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