Strain Review: Gelato 33 by Cool Bred


Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mints Cookies

Original Breeder: SHERBINSKIS

Grower: Cool Bred

Cool Bred Gelato 33 Review

Bred by @Cookiefamgenetics @sherbinski415

Cultivated by @cool_bred

Finally some good quality and genuine Gelato 33 terps have landed on the island thanks to @herbalize__tenerife and @cool_bred.

Gelato 33 or Larry Bird is one of my favourite terpene profiles, so I saw this on Instagram last night and I rushed down to @herbalize_tenerife first thing this morning to pick up a tester. As soon as the bud tender cracked the jar I got the full, creamy gelato 33 flavour just jumping out at me.

The buds are small, dense and immaculately trimmed giving this serious bag appeal at first glance. With contrasting mossy green and deep purple colours and long twisted, fire-bronze pistils. a thick frosting of creamy coloured to crystal-white, resinous trichomes give this bud a very special finish and top bag appeal. This is some serious top shelf I just hope it’s burning and tasting as nice as it looks and smells.

The aromas are super potent and gassy with a sweet, creaminess taking a very slight back seat to the gas. When ground and the terps are mixed in the grinder the sugary, sweet creamy gas aroma I always remember from the Larry Bird pheno really comes out literally making my mouth water.

When burning a bowl this ticked all of the boxes. The smoke was pure white and as smooth as a glass of milk on the inhale. The creamy and sugary sweet flavours really took over my pallet and on the exhale the flavours got more creamy and the real gassy Gelato/cookies after breaths were there for a good 20 mins after a hit.

A nice pile of white ash is always the last thing I check for in the bong and with this stuff I was not disappointed. The ash just dropped out of the bowl and into the ashtray in one dense, white pile, proving the quality and cleanliness of this flower. Well done to @cool_bred.

The effects were very refreshing and relaxing, however my mind was still active and I was able to engage in my day to day. I would recommend gelato 33 as a wind down smoke after a hard day or for an expletive terp chaser this is not to much of a knock out strain to enjoy all day long.



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