Strain Review: (GMO x Gelato #41) #8 by Alien Labs

GMO x Gelato 41 #8 (Tester Batch)

Lineage/Genetics: GMO x Gelato 41

Original Breeder: Alien Labs

Grower: Alien Labs

GMO x Gelato 41 #8 Strain Review

Super Super hyped to do this review right before my birthday I was able to get my hands on two tester strains from the drop this GMO x Gelato 41 is a real headbanger coming in strong at 33% THC.

This strain is heavy on the gmo terps but still gassy with the light 41 on the exhale and I absolutely would love to see this strain dialed into its fullest potential.

Can’t wait to see what else some of the greatest companies aka Alien Labs and Connected come out with next always stoked to see the latest strains



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