Strain Review: Guava x Biscotti by Connected Cannabis Co.

Guava x Biscotti 🍈🍮🍬

Lineage/Genetics: Guava (Gelato 25) x Biscotti (Florida OG x Gelato 25)

Indica or Sativa: 50/50 Hybrid

Original Breeder: Connected Cannabis Co.

Grower: Connected Cannabis Co.

Guava x Biscotti Strain Review

Holy hell if this doesn’t make your mouth water, then show me what does… Seriously! 😂I’m impressed by this! It smells absolutely blissful with notes of fruit🍈 and candy🍬 at the forefront followed by sweet cream🍮 and a hint of biscotti gas⛽. On the breakdown and the smoke, the biscotti gas taste starts to amplify. Terps still feel ever so slightly guava dominant to me but I can pick out both parents’ terp profiles blended smoothly. Nugs are fresh, frosty, and annoyingly sticky, and they burn into snow white ash.

Biscotti is one of the hardest hitting strains I’ve tried so before I even smoked this, I knew the guava x biscotti had some big shoes to fill. I gotta say, despite the elevated expectations, the guava x biscotti still impressed me quite a bit. A little bit went a long way to keep me hella faded 💪💯 Like guava, this has a very fast onset starting with cerebral pressure. Starts off as a happy, giggly, trippy gelato feel that slowly melts down my body into a familiar biscotti knockdown. Eyes went heavy, smiles were wide, and I feel hella relaxed. I can’t stop sticking my head in my personal jar like an Oreo nose I’m constantly dunking into a glass of guava x biscotti milk 🍈🍮🍬🥛 I’m so blessed to be smoking on 🔥 this good.


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