Strain Review: Gushers by Eastwood Gardens

Gushers by @eastwood_portland ✨

Lineage/Genetics: (Gelato #41 x Triangle Kush)

Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Eastwood Gardens

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Eastwood Gushers Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

gushers by eastwood gardens strian review by pnw_chronic 2The Gushers has captivating bag appeal. It’s characterized by an amalgam of forest green and dark violet leafage vying for dominance under a swath of fiery ginger pistils and a thick covering of trichomes. The stalks of the trichomes are ubiquitous and lanky, and the shimmering resin glands are visible with the naked eye, giving the buds a grainy, thoroughly frosted appearance 🤩

The scent on Gushers is titillating. Breaking open a bag reveals a sweet and somewhat airy vanilla cream scent with an undercurrent of warm, doughy cookie terps. The sweet, creamier side of the profile gives way to a loud citrusy petrol gas that provides a stimulating contrast. Breaking open nugs floods the nostrils with a sour gas and caramelized sugar aroma. The buds leave a kushy gas smell on the fingers 🍪

The taste on the Gushers is just as enticing and distinct as the smell. It starts out with a sugared and creamy flavor that is slowly enveloped in sweet kush as it burns down. The sugary side of the profile reminds me of cookie dough with an ephemeral, airy quality. The tart, gassy side starts out lightly prodding the tongue on the first hits, but becomes more prominent over time. The flavor stays creamy and smooth all the way through, though. The flower leaves a sour gas aftertaste with a sweet candied tang ⛽️

Gushers has a powerful but smooth high. I could feel a light headband effect, moderate body heaviness, and a growing euphoria. It’s not really a couch lock strain, but it’s still quite relaxing. It’s a “clean” feeling high. The cultivar is sticky and just gets stickier as it’s broken up by hand. It produces minuscule amount of kief when ground up. Altogether, it is a smooth smoke that burns perfectly 😶‍🌫️

All in all, Gushers is phenomenal. It checks the box in terms of visual appeal, but more importantly, it is a delicious and surprisingly complex flavor with a strong but functional high. This is one of those flowers that I could smoke cone after cone after cone of. Excellent work from Eastwood, but it’s no surprise there. They are constantly setting the bar for top shelf flower in Portland 🔥



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