Strain Review: Helado by HeadStash Cultivators

Brand- @headstash_cultivators
Strain- Helado

Lineage/Genetics – Mochi x Runtz

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: HeadStash Cultivators

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Helado Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

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When you get a San Francisco Brand to review, I had to say yeah of course enjoy this Helado (mochi x runtz). A sweet and creamy and gassy and diesel type of flower, expect some crazy effects that come from the runtz but hit with the mochi mix into it.

HELADO (Mochi X Runtz) by HeadStash is Perfect blend of 2 amazing strains, The taste is creamy gelatoish with a hint of tang & a serious kick

Recommend for experience smoker’s
Colors ranging from purples hues to deep greenish and with a nice trichome built.
Exhaled and Inhale- Sweet and Creamy.
Effects- Body High, Relaxing.
Aroma- Creamy, Earthly.
Onset- Quickly.
Duration- 1 Hour.

Helado Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review 2021

helado by headstash strain review by stoneybearreviews 2021
Recommend 8/10
Effects- Relaxing, Europhic
Tastes- Creamy,Sweet

HeadStash did a great job with this strain by combining 2 strains to create a nice and creamy and sweet and flavorful strain, the effects are couch locked along with that relaxing and europhic sense and feelings.
Another strain ranging in the high $.
But worth it if you can afford it.



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