Cultivar Review: Runtz by Resin Ranchers

Runtz (Z x Gelato) by @resin_ranchers.pdx ✨

Lineage/Genetics: Zkittlez x Gelato

Original Breeder: Yung lb

Grower: Resin Ranchers

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Resin Ranchers Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

runtz by resin ranchers strain review by pnw_chronic 2Runtz has striking bag appeal. This batch has small, rounded nugs that are soft to the touch and slightly fluffy when broken down. The leafage on the flower is a neatly trimmed composition of forest green and midnight purple foliage. The pistils consist of small patches of golden-orange hairs that meld with the outer layer of the nug. Every single bud is completely caked in silvery trichomes that sparkle in the light 🤩

The nose on Runtz is immaculate. It has a cloyingly-sweet candy aroma with notes of fruit, cream, and dough. It’s a multi-dimensional confectionary profile with multiple layers of sugary goodness. The scent permeates the nostrils with a fresh, peppermint-like zest and leaves a warm, almost cotton-candy-esque smell that lingers. Breaking the flower down elevates the profile even further and leaves a sweet scent on the fingers that I’d describe as pixie stick essential oil 🍬

The taste of Runtz is just as phenomenal as the nose. It has an exceedingly detailed sugary flavoring that is reminiscent of, well, actual candy. It has this pastry-like, caramelized vanilla undercurrent thats half fried dough and half petrol gas. The flavor expands, becoming more potent as it works through multiple layers of candy and gas. The flavor is a scintillating, stimulating, lip-smacking-palette-soaker that is decadent and delectable to the last hit 🍭

Runtz has a remarkable effect on it. It’s a euphoria-inducing head and body high that just feels great overall. It initially seems soft, floaty, and cognitively sharp, but the effect is deceptively powerful after just one joint. The flower is soft, not too sticky, and produces a moderate amount of fine-grained kief when ground. It burns flawlessly and smoothly all the way down 😶‍🌫️

The Runtz by Resin Ranchers is a superlative cultivar, hands down. It smashes the boxes for top-shelf criteria and well beyond that. I classify the aromatic and flavor profile on display as a best-in-class rendition of the genetics because Runtz just doesn’t really get better than what you smell and taste here. Phenomenal work from Resin Ranchers 🔥

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