Cultivar Review: Moon Puppies by 7 Points Oregon

Moon Puppies

Lineage/Genetics: (Chemdawg x Lemon Skunk)

Grown by: 7 Points Oregon @7points.oregon ✨

Original Breeder: Unknown

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Moon Puppies Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

moon puppies by 7 points oregon strain review by pnw_chronic 2Moon Puppies has attractive bag appeal. It consists of unreservedly gargantuan nugs that are rounded and dense with smaller nodules protruding from the surface. The base bud coloration is lime green with dark green leafage and smaller patches of long, spindly, ginger pistils. Prolific amounts of trichomes cover every part of the flower all the way down to the pistil fibers. The trichomes consist of gangly stalks with a mix of cloudy, amber, and clear resin glands 😍

The nose on Moon Puppies is exceptional. It has a crisp pine aroma with an undercurrent of sweet lemon. It also has some muffled notes of chemical acerbity that elevate the sour and sweetness in the rest of the profile. There’s a refreshing, almost clean quality to the smell that stimulates the senses. Breaking the buds down releases floral notes that are reminiscent of roses and lavender along with a tidal wave of pine and lemon citrus 🍋

The taste of the Moon Puppies is outstanding. It’s a floral, piney, and lightly sweetened flavor that douses the tongue from the first inhale. Light chem notes appear on exhale and slowly build as the joint burns down, intensifying into this all encompassing chemical astringency. It’s a delightful menagerie of sour, sweet, floral, herbal, and fruit flavors that engulfs the tastebuds. It has a skunky pine and lemon citrus aftertaste that sits on the tongue for an extended amount of time ⛽️

The effect on Moon Puppies is prominent. It starts out with a light feeling of expansiveness in the head. It’s closer to an active head high but its still noticeably potent even in smaller amounts. In higher amounts, it produces moderately heavy body effects, a feeling of euphoria, and a significant cerebral buzz. The flower burns perfectly, smoothly, and slowly all the way down. It produces a minor amount of large grain kief when ground 🤩

All in all, the Moon Puppies is a stellar cultivar. It has solid visual appeal, a powerful cerebral high, and a profile that’s reminiscent of old school “sativa” strains with an extra kick right to the face. Terrific work from @7points.oregon 🔥

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