Strain Review: Hot Cakes by Jungle Boys

Hot Cakes
(Strawberry Shortcake x Wedding Cake)
Cultivated by @jungleboys

Lineage/Genetics: Strawberry Shortcake x Wedding Cake

Original Breeder: Jungle Boys

Grower: Jungle Boys

Hot Cakes Strain Review

Where do I begin…..

Hot Cakes has became one of my favorite strains from the Jungle Boys and not many of their strains catch my preferred terp profile like this one right here.

Sweet cakes taste with a huge hit of gasoline of the inhale and exhale.

That strawberry shortcake really gives it that amazing flavor mixed with the wedding cake.

It is so hard to even tell you how much I enjoyed this.

I saved the last blunt for a while before I touched the last of this that’s how much I enjoyed this one.

Big props to jungle boys on this strain right here. Straight heat.

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Check out more reviews by @boofbusters420 on Instagram! (

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