Strain Review: Lip Smacker by Rooted Zen

The Lip Smacker strain by Rooted Zen.

Lineage/Genetics: Sherbert x Strawberries and Cream

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Rooted Zen

Dispensary: Rooted Zen

Lip Smacker Strain Review

Back on the strain hunt, tired of mids and even upper mids, bored with the flavor of the week that everyone has to have, I have been on the pursuit to find a true Exotic, with an exceptional grow for this months review. Something unique, a strain most people have not even seen, something unequivocally outstanding, this is what I was looking for. In my quests for the most exquisite Cannabis in Oklahoma, occasionally I run across growers that catch and keep my attention. With their trendy cuts, shock and awe bag appeal and super popular pheno pack drops, Rooted Zen has quickly became a crowd favorite in the Okc Cannabis market and a familiar name across the entire state. I knew Zen would be the perfect go to for my favor with a true exotic. I asked Zen if they had an extraordinary, unique strain that would be perfect for The Chronic Monthly Cannabis Review.

The guys at the Rooted Zen farm surpassed my expectations and gave The Chronic exclusive access to a strain from their latest harvest. This strain was released to The Chronic to sample before it dropped on dispensary shelves. The remarkable strain they selected was Lip Smacker! Intimidating and alluring, Lip Smacker is a very hard to find slightly Sativa leaning hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix. Flirty and fun, the Lip Smacker strain combines the Indica lovers treat Sherbet with another sugary delight Strawberries and Cream.

Lip Smacker earns its name with an unmistakable fruity yet deep aroma that notes light berry, citrus and sweet cream then draws the attention to the dank and skunky, earthy undertones and even a hint of that Durban Poison lineage leaving a gassy presence. The first whiff even screams exotic and the berry scent lingers after it is smoked. This strain is a perfect dose of light and sweet and deep and truly dank. Don’t let the sweet, cute name fool you though, this luciously fragrant prize has every component to be a true heavy hitter.

Dressed to impress, Lip Smacker steals the show with its dazzling appearance. Absolutely coated and glazed with sparkling snowy white trichomes….. .

Read the rest of the review in The Oklahoma Chronic Magazine!

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