Strain Review: Black Mamba by Exotic Genetix

Black Mamba 🖤💙

Lineage/Genetics: Mint Chocolate Chip x The Cube

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Black Mamba Strain Review

black mamba by exotic genetix strain review by _scarletts_strains_THCA: 22.24%

Indica dominant hybrid .

• Upbeat, super relaxing, can make you sleepy

Helps with: stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain

This strain is apparently known for being strong, it can end up inducing a powerful need for a nap. .
so i had no power but decided to attempt taking pics anyways, and honestly they came out better than i thought. Since the lighting is bad you cant really appreciate the deep purple mixed in with the greens.
Are you guys spontaneously and randomly loosing power too? I’m from Puerto Rico, hurricane season has started, no hurricanes and im already randomly loosing power. Im honestly so worried for a hurricane this year… .
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