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Strain Review: Mega Z Red by Super Dope

“Mega Z Red “ Edition 1 by Super Dope..

Lineage/Genetics: RS11 Pheno

Original Breeder: Deep East

Brand: Super Dope x Hi Tech x Fear of Boof

Grower: Super Dope

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Mega Z Red Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by TheTHCSpot

mega z red by super dope strain review by thethcspot 2

This RS11 pheno was insane ! Z terps we’re loud on the taste and the nose. It has that Zkittles flavor with hints of pine trees and candy. Smooth on the lungs , white ash and tasty out of papers and glass. I felt really good on this one , super joyful , creative and ready to attack the day.

mega z red by super dope strain review by thethcspot 2

Overall this one marked all boxes , not to mention this is a cool bag! Shoutout @superdope @officialhitech & @tedsbudzco_ y’all killed it 💨🔥🔥👏👏

mega z red by super dope strain review by thethcspot 3

Mega Z Red Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review by Letmeseewhatusmokin

#MegaManZ Red by @fearofboof @superdope @officialhitech
Lineage – RS11
Bred by @deofarms
Cultivated possibly California or Michigan

@superdope x @fearofboof @officialhitech back at again this time around with Mega Man Red. For the past year, @superdope has been paying homage to hentai & Mega Man. The classic vintage designed, mega man red Mylar came with its signature extra plastic bag. The buds resembles the RS11 with the signature navel orange 🍊 color pistils. The nugs illustrate a cilantro 🌿 green color calyx, flurries of snowflake ❄️ color trichomes.

The scent is a strong odor musky, sherb, floral, gas ⛽️ fuel after the grind. The ozk was definitely reeking on the nose. The inhale is smooth with a og dank, licorice candy fuel on the exhale 😮‍💨. The ashes report on a 70/30 more salt than pepper towards the beginning of the sesh. It then turns about 50/50 towards half of the sesh. The taste lingers leaving a creamy guava aftertaste.

The palate then changes to a peppery caryophyllene. The effects transpire to an immediate onset. The buzz is felt around 7-8 pulls in, overall high about 2.5 hrs. The main highlights of this cultivar is the bag, the nose, palate & effects. The appeal wasn’t the prettiest RS11, didn’t match the bag appeal. Overall I enjoyed the experience, @fearofboof x @superdope x @officialhitech did not disappoint with this Mega Z Red. I feel this particular batch smelled like candy 🍭 , but more dominant on the ozk on the palate . I wish the palate maintain its sweet flavor & clean ash color thru out the sesh.

In conclusion, Mega Z red is still a decent try at the legendary RS11. Shoutout to @superdope on the marketing & bag. Big shoutout to @fearofboof x @officialhitech on their take on the RS11. – Mega Z Red – 3.9/5
Letmeseewhatusmokin Ratings

5- perfect smoke, appeal, effects, nose & palate
4.9- 4.5 —- close to perfect but not quite/
4.5-4- good but not close to perfect
4-3.5 — reasonable for ticket – room for improvement
3.5 – 3 – still reasonable, might be attracted by two – three things on the cultivar ..
3- 2.5 – needs work work work – (Rihanna voice)
2.5 – 2 – 1 — needs to be revamped or probably should be cut off

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2 thoughts on “Strain Review: Mega Z Red by Super Dope

  • honestly nothing from super dope collabs blew me away at all.. I had the original z, cherry popperz and lemon popperz… 5/10 on all of them. the stickers are wild so thats cool lol.

  • idk out of the Mega Z collection ive had the dark and red. dark was way better then the red, still waiting for one of my guys to get mega z blue.

    same for the popperz. only had lemon and bubble gum.. at first bubblegum was my favorite then lemon popprerz grew on me. great for a wake and bake


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