Strain Review: New York Purple Diesel by TeamGreenBagz

New York Purple Diesel

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Bag Seed X X

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grown by: TeamGreenBagz @teamgreenbagz

New York Purple Diesel Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

shoutout to the fucking homie 7 @piffanomics for the assist🤞🏽🤞🏽 💚🤜🏽🤜🏽 Awww mannnn this one was special I haven’t had anything like it this one was 3 strains in one facts !! 🤣the LOOK on this in person it looks type regular lol not gonna lie but the minet you flash some light on this sheesh she shine right back at you very beautiful dark purples not that regular purple this is more black heavy ice and heavy oranges dead giving sfv vibes !! Dense nice size nuggs 🥶🔥 the SMELL on this is stupid sweet blueberry 🫐 with a nice dank gass that doesn’t killl the sweetness actually makes it pop more like really you can smell that blueberry!!!!! If you ever wondered what a blueberry nose strain or flavor was this one would show you!🤤🤤the smell once you open the bag will no bs catch anyone’s attention smells delicious matter fact it was so sweet the bees 🐝 where comming to try to find the source 🤣 felt bad cause all they wanted to do was try some and polinate but shit wasn’t real blueberrys 🤣🤣 the TASTE on this wow! Again very delicious taste just like it smellls ! But in my opinion I felt like there was this other berry in there and the only reason why I noticed it was from experience on another strain this to me had a strawberry terp as well this was heavy strawberry 🍓 and Blueberry 🫐 With a heavy dank gas smoke !!!! ⛽️🥶very very tasty and the transition between them is so perfect that like I said earlier no cap this is 3 in 1 🤣⛽️🤤⛽️🍓🫐 the HIGH on this shit don’t fuck around with this I’ll tell you that this some very very very clean smooth smoke so smooth you might think the gas is cap lol but believe me this shit will knock you on your ass has a trickle down economics effect 🤣 3 pulls in you feel it in the face and head leaves your mind running and head spinning!! The more you smoke the more it kills you 🤣 heavy smoke that expands your lungs 🫁!! For sure so strong you feel the hits like body shotssss 😵‍💫 this one deff a winner for me I can deff see this one being very very underestimated but all you have to do is show them that nose 🤯🔥 10/10 for me !

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