Strain Review: Octane Mint Sorbet by Urban Canna

Octane Mint Sorbet by @theurbancanna ⛽️🔥🍰🍬

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Octane x Wedding Cake F1

Original Breeder: Seed Junky Genetics

Grower: Urban Canna

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: TreeHouse Collective

Urban Canna Octane Mint Sorbet Review

This strain definitely checks the box for bag appeal. The appearance is characterized by smaller lime green nugs and sporadic little dark purple/black leaves. It has tiny individual patches of orange hairs and a light golden orange dusting of trichromes. Breaking these dense nugs open reveals inner layers that are absolutely drenched with wet sticky trichromes. 💦

The smell on this thing is all gas no brakes. The petrol aroma is first and foremost when opening a jar, but it also has a sweet vanilla scent that helps round out the profile. Breaking open a nug releases a torrent of super pungent petrol terps. Overall just a great smelling strain. ⛽️

The taste, similarly, is a nice fusion of gas and sweet vanilla frosting. The strain leaks those gas terps and leaves my mouth watering when smoking. I would say it is like 80/20 gas to sweet. Taste-wise, it is pretty straight forward, but it’s also extremely enjoyable 🤤

The strain is super sticky to the touch, but easy enough to handle when rolling/packing. It breaks up nicely and produces a moderate to high level of kief upon grinding. I was impressed with the freshness of the second batch of this strain I got in particular. It was a smooth and consistent smoke all the way down each cone I smoked of it. 💨

In terms of high, this strain left me absolutely stoney baloney. Full body, couch lock type of high. I could definitely recommend this one as a night/before bed smoke given how heavy a hitter it was. It would likely be significant for medical ailments. 😴

This strain is a, “buy and hoard,” for me. It checks all of the boxes in terms of visuals, smell, smoke quality, etc, but the taste and high are where it truly speaks to me. I really love the combination of mostly gas with a big splash of sweet here, and I think it will appeal to most others. @theurbancanna is a consistent farm. All of the strains that I have had from them have strong, appealing flavor profiles. Picked up @thc.503 Shout out @dare2bee_you #happy #fire #beautiful #octane #mint #sorbet #portland #oregon #pnw #delicious #gas #sweet #sour #flower #plants

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