Strain Review: Pavé by Pure and Proper

Pavé ( paris og x the menthol) by @pureandproperco

Lineage/Genetics: Paris OG x The Menthol

Original Breeder: Pure and Proper

Grower: Pure and Proper

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Pavé Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Let me start by saying this, everything I’ve had from pure and proper is straight pressure and potent. You can tell by their flower that they take great pride in their work. Shit speaks for itself. Right when you open the jar you get a nice sweet light-citrusy scent with burnt rubber gas in the background. Straight gas and sweetness on the break down. A few hits in and i was already getting a head buzz. The taste to me was light citrus-lemon hint with some gas on the back end. The effects on this shit will leave you some-what sedated and care free. Very clear and relaxing head high, no mind-race at all. You can feel some pressure in your head as well as slight heaviness in your joints and limbs. Perfect for when you wanna relax and take the edge off, you won’t be disappointed. Clean smoke too 🧼⛽️
Don’t sleep on @pureandproperco , I’m telling you.

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