Strain Review: Halo Gelato by Balikbayan Boyz

Halo Gelato by @balikbayan_boyz x @shoppingcarts.415 x @mountburnin415 x @deepinthebag_415 x @overgr0wn

Lineage/Genetics: ( Gelato 33 x Triangle Mints #12)

Breeder: overgr0wn

Grower: Balikbayan Boyz

Halo Gelato Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

halo gelato by balikbayan boyz strain review by digital.smoke 2Man this tree is some fuckin pressure. When you open the bag you get a crazy sweet fruity nose with some definite gas and musty ness in there. Very very good gelato cut, smokes just just as good as it smells and looks. When smoked you get a nice mix of slight creaminess, gas, and some fruitiness in there. Very heavy head high, feel that pressure right in your fore head. Relaxed mind and body, will definitely get you right if you need to unwind or just kick it. Nice mix of euphoria in there too. For those who care, clean soapy ash. Real deal pressure. Get your hands on this joint if you see it forreal.



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