Strain Review: Pluto (TKLato) by Jgrape Farms


Lineage/Genetics: Triangle KushGelato 33

Original Breeder: Unknown

Grower: Jgrape Farms

Jgrape Pluto Review

@the_grapeman @_jgrapefarms_ @alien_organics96
🚀 Before opening you get a dank tang of sweet creaminess, signature of gelato strains. There’s sweet, mouthwatering, earthy, cool vanilla gelato notes. Reminiscent of frosted flakes with a slight sour tang. Pungent but not overbearing, consistent, lingering aroma like Baskin Robbins when you walk in.
🌌Big soft kushy resinous aromatic nugs with a thick sugary layer of shining bone white trichomes and long bold red orange pistils. Each nug has a sightly diff. mix of purple and green hues. The greener nugs are just that with Byzantium tips and clusters that seemingly bleed into the flower getting more violet as it reaches the stem. The darker nugs have that same dark tone of purple dominating the leaves with green hues on the outer leaves and tips, there’s fresh pop of violet as I break down.
🪐 Flavor closely matches the aroma, fresh, creamy, earthy, vanilla gelato flavor. Thick flavorful smoke that hits your tongue like a cool cloud, the flavor is consistent & welcoming, every hits like a spoonful of ice cream
🌌First puffs I taste ice cream like when you 1st walk into a Baskin Robbins. The smoke is smooth af, consistently potent with every hit, mood was quickly uplifted. First a wave of relaxation washed over my body then I started to feel like I was floating, mixed with a euphoric and uplifting mood change. the lightness started in my core before reaching the rest of my body. The flavors are amazing I just kept wanting to roll up, great high & brought out great laughs & convos. 2nd blunt had me breathing on automatic. I was couchlocked and superstoned just trying to stay on Earth. Did we make it to a 3rd? Iremember slowly nodding off , floating, feeling like I was on Pluto. Another amazing experience that really made think about the flavors availble in the market and the experience you get. Great for anytime especially when its time to chill,highly recommend.

🪐I was excited for this one @_jgrapefarms_ has the best weed ive ever smoked and thats alotta good weed. One thing he does different that I’ve noticed is using organic living soil, im not a grower tho and im sure theres a million other details you gotta pay attention to, to get a great product like this.

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