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Strain Review: Pink Sandy by THE TENco

Pink Sandy🌈🍧⛽ @theten.co @_team10extracts_ Lineage/Genetics: Tenscotti x Zerbert Original Breeder: THE TENco Grower: THE TENco

Pink Sandy Strain Review

This pink sandy checks all the boxes for me. It’s probably one of the more visually impressive tenco strains I’ve come across lately, and the terps are pretty fresh and strong on this. It definitely looks like the dense yet spearlike structure of biscotti with the deep purple color and white coat frost from the sherb. Smells like zkittlez-candy🍋🌈 sherbet🍧 with earthy creamy gas⛽. The nugs smell halfway between sweet candy cream and earthy gas, but when they’re broken down or grinded up, the zerbert terps come out more in the form of candied cream terps. Dry pulling a joint of this makes me just want to eat the joint lol. Just breaking these nugs up gives me finger hash, and the smoke is hella clean and smooth. . The hit on this pink sandy is potent and I don’t find myself reaching for this strain at all until I’m done with errands for the day. I personally find it to hit leaning a bit towards the zerbert as it feels quite physically relaxing and pain relieving while maintaining a trippy and interesting happy smile kind of headspace. I definitely feel the biscotti’s punch in the form of heavy eyelids and anxiety relief that feels like a heavy weight being taken off my shoulders. If I smoke a 1.5g joint or larger of this, there’s a pretty decent chance that I’m snoozing at least for a nap within the next couple hours because of the hit and the potency 💪💯either way I’m probably not getting up from my seat unless the house catches fire and even then it’s a maybe lol. Big shout-out to @bud.of.all.colors for helping me find this. Hit up @_____.mml before I end up keeping the rest for myself 🔥🔥🔥
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Check out more of my reviews @dcent_treeviews on Instagram! (www.instagram.com/dcent_treeviews)

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