Strain Review: Runtz by 9 Mile Farm

Runtz @9milefarm

Lineage/Genetics: Gelato 33 x Zkittlez

Original Breeder: Yung lb

Grower: 9 Mile Farm

Terpene Profile: Unknown

9 Mile Farm Runtz Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Aroma: A-
Gassy, earthy, forest floor, lightly swampy, musky, musty, very creamy, very milky, almost cereal milky, with sweet candy florals, dryer sheet florals, hints of lavender gelato freezer burn, pine-menth-diesel, Herbal cookie and spice with a trace Chem& OG Imagine southern toad but with candy florals underneath.

Appeal: B+
Smaller to mid size golfball/triangle spade shaped nugs of mid greens, dark greens, forest greens, light greens with amber and yellow shades from the thick long wavy milky sappy trichomes that mix with semi-pressed ‘powdered sugar’ and fuzzy type outer trichome coverage, the inner trichs show some decent heads to the long wavy trichs, with even more maximum coverage. The cure is very very soft, fluffy, very very moist & A little bit sticky, with greasy resin on the insides, it’s almost spongey but hides a very thick density to the spongey fluff. Short light orange pistils are semi-scarce but show more length upon breaking open the nugs.

Burn A-/B+ taste B+
Pure white ash, clear wet resin layer with a small- medium oil terp ring near the ash line. Burned a lil uneven, but it was very smooth & pleasant. Taste are very sweet, creamy and milky, with the earthy forest floor, pinemint diesel, heavy cookie flavors that hide a swampy musk. behind that is the velvety/lavender sweet candy florals and gassy herbals. Almost a hint of orange citrus cream on the exhale.

Effect B+ Potency B+
Nice relaxing body buzz with semi-heavy head change that leaves you relaxed and ready for bed. Euphoric, with heavy chest pressure. Uplifting, calming, and eventually sedating, 2.5hour buzz.

Overall B+
I always thought runts would be more gelato based, but my second runtz experience confirms it’s more earthy, forest, musty, creamy, pine diesel based with the candy florals underneath. Good quality grow and terps, clean ash. Nice effects and potency. It’s good but I like gelato terps more then runts terps tho

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