Strain Review: Caribbean Cookies by OutCo

Caribbean Cookies

Lineage/Genetics: Guava Gelato x OGKB BX

Original Breeder: Purple City Genetics

Grower: OutCo

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Caribbean Cookies Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

Big thanks to @ryanawilliamz for seeing me a few weeks ago and shooting me this terpy batch of Caribbean Cookies, let’s dive in!

Aroma: B+
sweet tropical candy terps, mango, guava, pineapple, banana. Very creamy, very floral. Very soapy. Mixes with an earthy forest soil terp, pine menthol diesel, and musty herbal cookie terp mixes with a slight skunky lemon OG gas.

Appeal: B+
3 nug eighth, golfball triangular shaped, made of dark greens to mid greens with some light green bases. Ambered outer trichomes have fuzzy powdered sugar pressed coverage, inner trichomes have noticeably wet misty medium size trichomes, the cure is very soft, super moist, semi sticky, semi greasy, and decently sappy. It’s dense but is soft. I love the cure but some extra drying would perfect the balances. Electric Orange pistils hide in the crevices with occasional tips escaping.

Burn A Taste B+
Very soapy and floral, pinesol, lemon cleaner and lemon gas, earthy forest, and light chem/gmo musty musk and funk. Maybe Banana funk (hint of rancid or sweet fermented terp) , & tropical sweet fruits of pineapple mango guava etc. semi lavender floral / antibacterial soap after taste. Clean burn, pleasant, very white based salt and pepper ash, with huge thick motor oil terp ring DRIPPING. It was moist bud so this is very impressive for the burn to be this clean.. moisture levels like this usually has uneven burns, joints that go out, or dark ash, but this has none of those! It’s Very clean, even, and white with hella drip.

Effect A- potency B+
A heavy relaxing body buzz is met with a hybrid head change, euphoric and semi racey but calming and Stoney at the same time, good effects, medium power, although the onset is fast, half a cone to get faded. Chest pressure and head band buzz creeps in as time goes on. 2.5 hours of a good bake. Becomes semi intoxicating as time goes on. Good meds.

Overall B+
Nice looking nugs, Great quality, nice terps, & clean strong smoke! Solid strain that checks all the boxes very well!

Nothing is ever for sale! Beware of imposter pages with altered CBR names!!

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