Cultivar Review: Gush Mints by Pax Genetics

Gushmints- @paxgenetics

Nose: Burnt rubber, earthy, skunky, spicy, meaty, basil
Inhale: Gassy, floral, sour, citrus, skunky, diesel, spicy, minty
Exhale: Sour, fruity, rubbery, piney, cakey, musty, sweet

Lineage/Genetics 🧬: Kush Mints x (F1 Durb x Gushers)

Bred by: Purple City Genetics @therealpurplecitygenetics

Cultivated by: Pax Genetics

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Gush Mints Cannabis Cultivar (Strain) Review

gush mints by pax genetics strain review by toptierterpsmaHey what’s up everyone? I hope you all are having a great start to the week as we inch closer to Thanksgiving week and the beginning of the rest of the holidays. Following up on the Dual OG that I went over on Saturday, today, I will showcase the Gush Mints which was also part of the care package I received from Pax Genetics. If you are looking for some background info on Pax I would encourage you to revisit one of my earlier reviews I covered on his material. Similar to the Dual OG, I highly anticipated getting my hands his latest round of Gush Mints as it’s always been a cultivar I’ve wanted to try but have not gotten the chance until now. The Gush Mints presents a cross between Kush Mints and F1 Durb x Gushers which, in other words, is like take polar opposite personalities and having them speed date. Even though I hadn’t yet tried it I had a hunch that this cultivar would possess some rather unique characteristics. Also, the fact that the first two offerings I had from Pax were above par I was interested to see if this would follow on those footsteps. Let’s waste no more time and get into the facts!

The Gushmints were received in a ziplock bag just as the Dual OG was. When I opened the bag up, there was an overwhelming odor of burnt rubber and basil that seeped out into the open air. While, at first, this gave me huge implications of how Gary Payton typically smells, I noticed the notes of stale fruit and skunk the closer I got to the buds. In all, the nugs that made up the quarter that I received were massive and heavy weighted. I got the notion that they were desne and hard to break open the second I put them in my hand. Each one shivered with trichromes that were eye-capturing from a distance.

This round of Gushmints had a light green dominant colorway that consisted on countless of pistils. The pistils were a little easier to make out under the mag jar because of the pale colored orange reflected in certain spots. As I began to break open into the nugs, they were tough but not as much as I predicted. Despite the notable amount of density each one possessed they did have a somewhat soft surface when pressing my fingers into. I will admit the residue thick which led me to keep a pack of wet wipes handy. After cracking into one I gained a spicy, gassy pimento cheese type aroma. This held a very meaty smell with skunky overtones; leading me to believe this cultivar would have a high probability of smoking gassy. Without question, using the two-turn method within a grinder would be the best bet for breaking up this cultivar. To my surprise, the yield was spectacular (because of the stickiness) and really brings out the fruitiness of the Gushers in the lineage at this point. In addition to this, fresh notes of gasoline and burnt rubber were also prevalent after breaking the buds up. The dry on the joint consisted of mild skunk and floral terps where I was able to detect the gassiness/fruit notes of the Gushers on the back end.

When I sparked the Gushmints in an Element paper, the initial pulls brought on a bevy of classic Gusher-like terps. What this meant was a slew of gaseous grapes, grapefruit and unripe blueberries that gave this cultivar a spicy and sour flare early on. On the way out, I still received a back end of bitter fruit when releasing each pull that left an odd, cakey after taste. Personally, I thought the Kush Mints within the lineage was detectable at this point and took the edge off the gassiness in a way. As I progressed into the sesh, this faint taste on the backend teased me with a mint flavor while, concurrently, the inhales became gassier. About a 1/4 to a halfway in is where I was peppered with a taste of sour floral that added some pressure to each pull. As I inched closer to the actual halfway mark the floral notes I once experienced started to waiver.

I became reintroduced to those fruity, “Gusher” type notes that faded in and out while receiving a fair amount of burnt rubber terps on the back end. At one point I tried to gather myself to pinpoint the terps on this cultivar since the multitude of flavors being casted was insane. The Gushmints had an impeccable burn that gave off a bone-white ash. This also included a moderately drippy res ring that stained the exterior of the joint from the earlier stages of the sesh. Moving along into the second half of the sesh in where I felt the exhale becoming terpier. This began with a pungent concoction between notes of burnt rubber and pine. To my surprise, the exhales were on the sweeter side that left a fruitcake aftertaste lingering on my breath. The flow of oily terps at this part in the sesh caked up the joint with res; making some pulls tougher than others in later periods. Some of the pulls became overbearing later on, however, they still managed to be tolerable. Rounding out the sesh, I didn’t noticed too many changes as the tastes of both fruit and burnt rubber could be honed in on for a good while after I put the joint down. Overall, I thought it was though finding blemishes regarding how this cultivar burned. While the gassiness was smooth with moderate power, the terp profile was on point as it displayed a magnitude of flavor that kept the palette dancing.

The onset of medicinal effects provided from the Gushmints started off slowly, eventually reaching up at a steadfast pace. It was difficult to notice the effects within the first 15-20 minutes after the sesh. Although I felt mildly jittery with a mild euphoria settling into my chest, I didn’t feel necessarily high. It was a near 30 minutes after when I slowly realized my back tissue vibrating while in my seat. I noticed that I was awfully chatty during the beginning stages of medicinal effects as well as enduring an increased focused on my surroundings. Over the next half an hour, the relief I found within my back muscles spread throughout the lower portion of my body (primarily legs and feet). This made nature walks very blissful or any other type of exercise for that matter.

I also experienced a high self-confidence and total peace at mind while under the influence of this cultivar. In my opinion, the Gushmints was pretty much a prefect fit for consumption during any party of the day. The total effects lasted a good hour an half after the delay on the onset which made it enjoyable, but not to the extent where you thought it would never end. The transition on the come down was flawless as I retained that peace at mind I had when I was in the process of feeling the effects. Overall, the medicinal effects served as a go-to for daytime use, personally, adding a boost to what was an already positive experience after smoking.

After having a chance to try the Gushmints recently cultivated by Pax Genetics, I was again thoroughly impressed and thought this one suited me a little more than the Dual OG. Once again, the appearance on this cultivar was magnificent which seems to be a knack of Pax. For the third time I received something from him that was absolutely stunning from the time I opened the bag to when I placed it under the mag jar. Not to mention, anyone who enjoys a fruity, burnt rubber, and gassy cultivar all in one will want to look for the likes of this. As far as the smoke goes, this batch of Gushmints had a lot to showcase from the eloquent terp profile down to the smoothness each pull presented. I even think this cultivar could be manageable amongst those who don’t tend to smoke on a regular basis too. To top that off, the medicinal effects this cultivar provides are enchanting. Anyone who prefers to melt into their own happiness while feeling relaxed within their lower body will find this one to be a hit. Additionally, this will be a plus if you enjoy being high during the day given its cerebral effects throughout. Again, I wanted to take the time to thank Pax Genetics for getting this one out for me to review. Please be informed that I will have two more reviews to follow for him to conclude.

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