Strain Review: Space Cake by Bodhi Seeds

SPACE CAKE – bred by @bodhiseeds and cultivated in California

Lineage/Genetics: Girl Scout Cookies x Snow Lotus

Original Breeder: Bodhi Seeds

Dispensary: Herbalize Tenerife

Space Cake Strain Review

Firstly my apologies for the photo quality I will update later when I get back with my camera.

Medical grade in terms of the looks. The pebble-shaped, compacts buds are bright, minty green in color with a few deep purple hues. They are accented by burnt-orange hairs and a hefty coating of shiny trichomes that take on a creamy yellow coloration.

The aromas are diverse and at first are subtle sweet and with some slight spices and sweet creamy scents. When the bud is disturbed the gassy and slightly nutty vanilla cookies aromas really comes out and screams smoke me. The bud grinds beautifully into a fluffy, terpy heap of goodness.

In the bong the smoke bubbles through very clean and white with no harshness just clean smooth smoke. On the inhale I get some pleasant, smooth and sweet, not to overpowering flavours. But on the Exhale this subtle sweetness is overpowered by the gassy cookies tones. Leaving me with a delightful and unique cookies flavour on my breaths and pallet for ages afterwards.

The effects were instant and the high was intense at first. I was smoking alone and found and trance like.. myAs the initial high wore off after about 30 minutes felt more and more relaxed and couchlocked.

This is the perfect weed to turn your day or week around and the instantly mind refreshing and calming effects make it a great all rounder. Perfect for creative work, socialising, de-stressing, movie nights, beach days or even just to help get you through a long stressful week. I’m going back to @herbalize__tenerife now for more.

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