Strain Review: Spec Ops by 303 Seeds

Spec Ops 💙 Indica Dominant

Lineage/Genetics: Alien Rock Candy x Bio Diesel

Original Breeder: 303 Seeds

Spec Ops Strain Review

spec ops by 303 seeds strain review by _scarletts_strains_Spec Ops 💙 Indica Dominant

THC 22.7%//THCA 25.5%

☁️It’s a high potency strain, so i would recomend newbies or low tolerance people proceed with caution because this bad boy can surprise experienced stoners.

☁️It’s a very euphoric relaxed laid back high, the strength of this strain could, in larger quantities, knock you out.

☁️It’s a fun mental high that’s good for stimulating conversations, watching shows, doing creative fun things that dont require lot of energy.

✔Its great for pain, insomnia, and intense anxiety
✔Would recomend
✔Might buy again .
I didn’t really buy it, my sister in law did and she let me take pics and review it 💕
But honestly its a very powerful strain, so if anyone is looking for a strong indica dominant this is amazing, something i would definitely buy for sleep and anxiety. .
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