Strain Review: Sunset Runtz by Urban Canna

Sunset Runtz (Sunset Sherbet x Runtz) by @theurbancanna 🌅🍬

Lineage/Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x Runtz

Original Breeder: Exotic Genetix

Grower: Urban Canna

Terpene Profile: Unknown

Dispensary: AmeriCanna Rx

Sunset Runtz Strain Review

Sunset Runtz has good bag appeal. The strain is remarkable for smaller, dense nugs with forest green leafage, a webbing of dark orange hairs, and a healthy dusting of trichromes on each bud. Some light green and purple coloration can be seen here and there, especially towards the bottom of each nug. I would usually expect Runtz x Sherb to be total eye candy with more purple than green, but the presentation here is nothing to complain about. 🥰

Smell and taste are where this strain really gets my motor running. It is absolutely dripping in strong candy terps from the combo of Runtz and Sherb. There is also a layer of fruitiness, another layer of light sour skunkiness, and a hint of woody-earthiness. It’s just a really delectable combination of aromas. Breaking open the buds releases scents of sweet gas and burnt sugar. It leaves a sour citrus smell on my fingers after handling that makes me drool. 🍭

The taste is similarly tantalizing. It provides some sweet and sour berry terps, and a small layer of rich earthiness, all absolutely smothered in sugary candy goodness. All of the notes from the lineage that need to be there are present, but the sweet sugary terps engulf everything in the best way. 👅

The strain is a smooth and tasty smoke on every single hit. I found myself smacking my lips and really savoring the taste. The aromas and flavors just drip all over and pervade your scent and taste buds. By the end of each cone, my head was buzzing, but I found the high to be mostly even. I would classify it as an all day smoke. The buds weren’t overly sticky and produced a very mild level of kief when grinding. 🔥

This strain is extremely enjoyable. If you can still find any in stores, it is definitely a recommended buy. The bag appeal and high are solid enough to check the boxes for me, but the smell and flavor absolutely smash the rating criteria. @theurbancanna always produces strains that have great flavor profiles, and this is a perfect example. Picked up @americannapdx_2.0 @808nickka 🌟

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