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Strain Review: Super Tropicana by Lionboldt Farms

Super Tropicana @weedwithoutlimits_ @lionboldt_farms Lineage/Genetics: Tropicanna Cookies Original Breeder: Lionboldt Farms x Weed Without Limits Grower: Lionboldt Farms

Super Tropicana Strain Review

This one right here is like oranges on steroids straight fuck your terp profile up and one of the greatest Trop Cookies strains and crushes most those in the way you would expect the WWL and Lionboldt gang to do. If you’re a rosin head you need to get some Trop like this in flower form. Straight tropical fusion with a hint of gassy smoke which is just what I love from any strain. If it’s not gonna fuck my life up good chance I don’t want it. Y’all gotta stop sleeping on the producers of this strain cause anything they put out is 10/10 and always quality as could be and shits on %99 of the rec market at the moment.
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Check out more reviews by @boofbusters420 on Instagram! (

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